About this blog, the author, and a disclaimer.

This section of the website, and the blogs written here, is mainly for the author to share his ideas, knowledge, and principles to the world specifically the house buyers of Dumaguete — who are mostly new families who are in their way to living a more independent and private life. By the way, we’ll replace that stock photo later. 🙂

The Blog Posts:

The city’s growing population requires an expansion for nightlife, food places, hangout, and the areas in Piapi that has been the center …

Why look only on a few options like the common dumaguete subdivisions or the lot in you neighborhood when you can actually …

This is just a placer article, written just to populate the website temporarily with articles. This might be written officially soon. Thank …

Most Filipinos are fans of a rather slow progress on things. Many start building their houses with just a few posts and …

One the first decisions home seekers have to make is whether they’ll live in a subdivision or they’ll buy a lot somewhere …

Last week I wrote about which among the 4 top town houses can be better for you. Now, we are going to …

In this article we will lay out what makes this subdivisions better

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Author's other ventures

Ian Omictin is also the founder and photographer of Ioshots Photography which was established in 2013 and was the official photographer of Miss Dumaguete 2016 until 2019.

Ian founded the platform in May 2020 but the company however has yet paused from operation but is looking forward to relaunch few months from now

An establishment with several restaurants and a bar

Where Ian is also writting:


His personal website where he writes other stuff that’s not real estate related. 

Is he on Youtube? Yes.


Not everyone likes to read. Some prefers watching videos, that’s why Ian is on youtube too. Subscribe now.