Visayan Solar Service

We are proud to have Visayan Solar Service, the best solar service company in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental as our main Solar Technology Partner. They installed the biggest net metered, on grid, Solar technology system in South East Asia — Foundation University. Let us know about the property and the power usage it has been using so we can give you an estimate and we can have a proposal ready for you before we meet.  


Clients of Visayan Solar

Below are just few of the many solar panel systems they’ve installed. Aside from commercial projects, they also have installed for residentials. 

Foundation University

A 300 KW project that saves the school around P350,000 to P500,000 monthly. Largest “net meter” installation in S.E.A.

Plaza Maria Suites Inn

A 30KW system saving the hotel around P30,000 to P50,000 of electric bill per month

Atlantis Dive Resort

This resort in Dauin, Negros Oriental saves around P45,000 per month in electric bill beacause of their 30KW net metered system.

Prince Hypermart Bayawan

100 KW

Dipolog Medical Center/University


Negros Polymedic Hospital

On-going project


Why companies are taking advantage of solar technology

Solar has a 23-25% R.O.I. PER YEAR for up to 50 years…

Solar Appointment Request

Solar Loan - It's almost like you don't spend extra for it. What you save from the bill is more than the amortization for your solar loan. Here's how it works

Assuming your house’s average electric bill per month is P10,000. It means you’re probably consuming around 900 KWH of power per month or 30KWH per day. To counter that, we may recommend an 8KW grid-tied solar tech system with net metering for your house. This would give you around 40KWH per day which means your bill would most likely be zero depending on how much power you will be using at night vs during the day.

An 8KW system would cost you around P550,000. Your down payment will be around P90,000 and the rest will be loanable from the bank. 460,000 + interest divided by 60 months equals around P9,900 per month payable to the bank for 5 years. 

So there you go. All you have to do is pay about the same amount you’ve been paying for the electric bill for 5 years, and after that, for another 40 or so years, this will be savings.

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